Gaynor Roberts Consulting. Editorial consultant.
Putting quality at the heart of your content

I offer a range of services to transform the quality and consistency of your content, ensuring it delivers on your strategic vision. At the core of these, I can tailor and deliver for you a robust editorial process with an emphasis on quality control. You will no longer fear publishing mistakes that damage your reputation.

Why do you need me?

Is your content hitting the target or do you need to align it better with your strategic vision?

Are you making the best use of your content or are you missing opportunities to productise and package your outputs?

Are you damaging your organisation’s reputation by publishing errors in your content and need to improve your editorial process and editorial staff?

I bring over 25 years of editorial management experience in UK and international markets to answer these questions, examining all aspects of your content publishing environment. My external perspective will highlight the areas you need to focus on, with solutions crafted to meet your strategic vision.

My process:


Together we look at the problems you want to solve. I assess at which stages of the content lifecycle you need my help. Do your publications align with the overall strategy of your organisation? Are your quality control methods letting you down and damaging your reputation? Are you delivering content in the best way to get your message across, maximise revenue and raise awareness? Perhaps your editorial team is in need of some coaching help to untangle performance issues and get things back on track.


I work with you to create an targeted plan to resolve the issues and get things running smoothly. I will be solutions-focussed, basing my fixes on my extensive experience in these types of editorial issue.


I deliver and implement practical solutions to enable you move forward with confidence.

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